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Our Services


Our dedicated team of skilled professionals will visit your home on a weekly basis to perform a comprehensive range of services, ensuring your comfort and peace of mind. From meticulous dusting, vacuuming, and mopping to the changing of linens, wiping down surfaces, and sanitizing high-touch areas - estimated time of completion (2-4 hours)*


The most favored choice entails our housekeepers consistently upholding the same high standards as our weekly service, with the added bonus of a complimentary deep cleaning session scheduled every sixth visit - estimated time of completion (4-6 hours)*

Housekeeper Cleaning
Cleaning supplies on shelf


Our monthly service covers much of the weekly service however we dive a bit deeper since the visits are less frequent - estimated time of completion (6-8 hours)*


Our custom package is designed to cater to the unique requirements of our clients. This service can encompass a wide range of tasks, from refrigerator purging to thorough cleaning of the interior of the stove. We are dedicated to tailoring our services to meet your individual needs and ensure that your specific preferences and requests are met with precision and excellence.

What we offer

and that's not all...

Late for work?

Leave the bed making to us!​

Wake up and go!  With our key-code system you wont have to worry leave the house as is and come back to a mess-free environment.


Washing Dishes...​

from washing dishes to cleaning the stove, and even taking out the trash with custom service package we can add on the bigger chores to give you peace of mind.


Rest and Relaxation​

Lets admit we all know that RNR is important to unwind and get your mental health in order.  Let us be part of making your wildest RNR dreams come true. :)

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